Courses information

About the Educational centre

  • SIA DIJA Educational Centre is a Ministry of Education and Science Ministry accredited educational institution that organizes seminars, professional development and informal education courses. We have developed and realize non-Latvian and Latvian always required professional training programs. In a year 2010 our courses attended more than 436 students and workshops attended 693 students.

About courses

  • Theory and the first practical skills in a teaching classes are lead by knowledgeable teachers. Training programs are an essential part of practice in companies, real job places, where students can re-assure the acquired knowledge and skills. Many students practice is a place where they also start their first working experience. All graduates of professional courses and 160 hours of language training programs get the LR state-recognized professional certificate with development study program authorization.
  • In language learning programs, students learn the necessary grammar, are training the practical dialogues, play  different game situations, listen to audio recordings, discuss topical issues in society or in your life. In such a way by the end of the course students are trained in communicating the necessary vocabulary and know how to use it.